Hypoallergenic Waxing

Depilation + Brow Shaping

Expert, safe, non-irritating hair removal and shaping that leaves skin clear, soft and smooth. Our clinically-proven anti-microbial, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory remedies help prevent redness, bumps and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Hypoallergenic Sugaring

Delicate Depilation

Our clinically-published, coconut-derived antimicrobial soother preps skin for a simple sugar recipe “served” warm (never hot) that adheres only to hair (not live skin cells). This pain-reduced depilation is made even gentler with our calming anti-inflammatory remedies and is ideal for skin prone to sensitivity, ingrown hair, or hyperpigmentations.

Other Services


Add-ons for those days that call for a little something extra.


All Skin Types. Fully Customized.

In-depth analysis, consultation and customization, relaxing face, neck, hand and foot massage, pore-opening steaming, light comedone extractions, and one of our special, invigorating, anti-inflammatory masks — each freshly mixed on site just for you.

Body Treatments & Massages

All our body services feature our pure, published & awarded certified organic virgin coconut oil for unrivaled anti-inflammatory, soothing and intensive hydration.